knowledge fractal
Thomas R. Glück:
Blind Spots in Management
Disinformation and Knowledge Quality
The development of our globalized knowledge society can be seen as a quantum leap in cultural evolution. Thereby aspects of ignorance characterize people or organisations even more than their range of knowledge.
Disinformation is the rule, rather than the exception in management. It is one of the worst obstacles to the successful management of an organisation. The neglect of this fact can lead to a considerable loss of efficiency, which will result in competition disadvantages.
This book integrates organisational disinformation and knowledge quality. It introduces the phenomenon of Passive (or Qualitative) Disinformation in the managerial context.
The approach developed here makes it possible to manage knowledge quality pragmatically and opens groundbreaking new methods of increasing success in all corresponding problem areas, which will increase »organisational intelligence«.
It is conceived as a basis for management of knowledge quality and thus for the leadership of knowledge intensive organisations.